Getting In The Habit + 101 Challenge 1

I have lots of habits to get into, both as a person and a writer…But at least for now, this is meant to be a writing blog. So, I’m going to share some of my habits I’m trying to make in my writing life.

  1. I want to get into the habit of posting in this regularly. As such, I’ve looking at a list of 101 posts for writers to blog that a new friend shared with me. You can see what to expect in upcoming posts here.
  2. I’ve been researching different methods of outlining, as you may recall! I’ve officially started outlining for Camp NaNo today…and I plan to work on outlining every story I can from now on, so that I don’t hit my constant ruts I seem to find myself in because of characters forgetting what the task was. I usually give them nearly full free-reign, but not anymore! Or so is the plan, at least.
  3. I hope to use my new vocabulary (I get a new word a day in my email) more often! Some words I can’t necessarily find a use for, but if nothing else, I’ll start writing poems using them to try to get in the habit of using them and not just forgetting about them.

I have other artistic goals and such, but these are the primary writing habits I plan on working on. I’ll share more about my goals every so often as they come up.

Now, as I noted in the title…Today’s post will also mark my first entry as part of the 101 things to blog challenge of sorts I’m going to push on myself (I admit, ‘every day’ may be difficult if I don’t get to my computer…But at least four or five a week? We’ll see! At least I won’t run out to soon!).

TODAY’S PROMPT:¬†What is your favorite quote and why?

I think my favorite quote, from my personal life at least, is “Everyone is born for a reason, and for someone.” It’s something my parents instilled in me heavily as a child, and it can be very useful in writing too if I remember why even a minor character was created. They really have a reason after all! “That character walking down the street is a witness to the main character doing something weird at a storefront, for example.” Even a small part that won’t get named has a purpose. Just like I’m sure I do.


I got input about my site by a fellow blogger recently, and they noted a few things that might help the site. One such thing is to rename the contact page to the more common “Contact” as opposed to what I have it as: “On the Web”. I was also told it would be better to put social links on every page, not just that page.

However, that leaves me with a dilemma. If you take a look at my contact page, you’ll see some links for where I’m published that aren’t exactly social media. Would those make sense as Sites to See related? But that’s meant for sites of others that I think would interest people, not really self-centric. If my lovely readers could give me input on the following, it’d be great help! You can react in the comments or contact me otherwise through the “On the Web” page:

  1. What should I call my contact page? (should I keep it as “On the Web”? “Contact Jaluna”? Or should I make it something unique but not part of that list? Share your thoughts!)
  2. If I were to put social links on every page as part of a menu, what should I do with the sites I’m published on? Include them in the social links menu? And should I make the links have buttons I made, or not?
  3. I just want your general thoughts on themed days. Today’s Thursday, for example. A lot of people use it as a ‘throwback’ day (not that I have anything to do for that anyway). Do you like themed days on blogs? If so, any ideas? I have some concepts I thought of, but I’m not sure the general idea serves enough purpose.

Here’s wishing you a great day!

A Nifty New Banner and Research

Today I haven’t done much, but I did start doing more work on the site. I’m sure the moment you looked, you saw that I’d made a banner for myself. I learned during uploading that I didn’t have to go as crazy as I did trying to size it, because I can crop it through WordPress…But I did pretty well on sizing anyway, so that was convenient!

I also made a button for if I get put on sites. I’m likely going to work on an ‘affiliates’ page sometime soon, including friends and resources and the like. I’ll share it here, so tell me…Do you think it’s too big?

Outside of site work, I’m currently lurking the web to look at the variety of ways people outline for projects, since I want to work on planning more efficiently. I got a link to a nifty article about outlining on DeviantArt today actually, from someone who started doing articles themselves. They didn’t have on on the subject, so when I asked if they’d do one, they opted to direct me there in the meantime. I plan to ask other writers what they do to plan and how they outline too.

So, whether you’re a creative writer or someone who outlines for other projects alike…How do YOU outline to plan out your work?

First Post of Many

Greetings, everyone! I’m Jaluna Rolik, an author, poet and editor. This site was made with a two-fold purpose: to use as a blog, sharing my day to day ups and downs as a writer and a person…and to share my writing and more about it in general! I also have a contact form over on the page¬†On the Web. If you need an editor or just want to send me a message rather than comment on a post, feel free to!

I haven’t been writing much today, but I’m currently in the prep process for a few different projects. I think today I’ll share a bit about them.

  1. Alien Irony REBOOT– For those of you who are new to me as a writer and comic maker, this is one of my oldest series. It had a good 50-60 chapters until I had a block and a few issues with ComiPo. Recently, I’ve begun working on a few things in regards to a likely reboot: Actually planning (I never really bothered to plan and went as it came to me with the original) and likely character updates. You can see me upload some examples of character updates on DeviantArt. A better name is likely to come, but for now, I refer to it as AIReboot.
  2. The Memory of Love — My planned project for CampNaNoWriMo in April. It’s based on an old character and will be a bit of a side-story for some characters that may or may not show much in AIReboot. The story focuses a lot on self-love, overcoming the past and some mental health issues. It also looks at the concept of gender a bit.
  3. Pure Heart’s Paradox — If you look at my Channillo, you’ll find the first chapter already uploaded- it’s slowly being written and bearing fruit to an old tale I’d thought of. It focuses on the roles of life and death, on optimism and pessimism and more. There’s much to do, and some plot holes I may not have thought of ahead of time. But…IT WILL BE UPDATED. I promise.
  4. A Poetry Anthology — This is probably the slowest of my projects, but I hope to have a proper anthology of my poems. I won’t be uploading those poems, and will likely have a generalized theme. I’ll write poems that don’t have to do with it and share with you, though. Please root for me! And if you think of a good theme, let me know.

There are tons of other stories floating in my mind in the backburner. Maybe I’ll share some with you…Another time.

To all reading this, thank you for your support and your time! I look forward to seeing you again soon!