WIP WIP Page and 101 Challenge 3

I finally started working on the page for my Works in Progress today, slowly. Since it’s not actually finished by a long shot (I added banner buttons this time for separation, but it’ll take a while to make each page…and update all the info…) I’m not going to bother considering this segment a ‘site update’. But at the least, I figured I’d note it. I have two projects listed, so feel free to take a look if you feel like it!

Now for today’s primary segment…The challenge!

CHALLENGE 3 –  Ask a question

As you can see, today’s challenge actually DOES require some reactions! Or at least, I’d really love to get some. It took me a long time to decide on what to write, honestly. I’m a very curious person by nature, so I could probably come up with enough questions to last a year. Alas, it only said to ask one…So I’ll ask one of my favorites to ask (which may or may not stump you to think about).

My question for you, lovely reader, is “What is your favorite scent, and what does it smell like?”

As a writer, I see it as important to be able to describe a setting with all the senses…But it’s kind of hard to describe something you can’t experience! Because of being born without a sense of smell, I always am curious what it is like to have the olfactory sense, and what makes people like certain smells over others. So, imagine you’re describing a color to a blind person and tell me what smells you like! Heck, you can tell me which you hate too. I just really want to know more about them!

Worrying About Characters + 101 Challenge 2

I’ve been roleplaying my characters for the past day or so with a friend who is using her’s from her WIP with me. Mine, also being from my WIP, are becoming more vivid for me…And more worrying. I have two main characters: Haruka (who is a very complicated person I’ll talk about later in the month more) and Etsuko.

I say they’re both main characters because they’re twins that are always together, even if the story is supposed to center on Haruka. The thing is, they’re extremely tight-knit, and Etsuko takes a promise she made to her twin as a child very seriously: When Haruka was worried about not being likely to find love (for reason I’ll explain later, again), Etsuko promised she’d make Haruka her bride. And she’s VERY obsessed with Haruka, particularly protective, and will always cling to her when near someone she thinks isn’t good enough for her claiming “She’s MY bride! Back off!”

So…Yeah. That sibling complex is getting worrisome. And also I don’t think she understands the concept of incest. Or that her love is kind of not the kind she thinks it is probably. :/ That’s all to say on that, for now. I’m still working on side-characters…And by that I mean I have a general entity of “Haruka’s bullies”, but not who or what they are like.

And now for my second entry on the 101 Challenge:
What is your favorite book and why?

I have two different favorites that I can’t choose between.

  1. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See is one of the most interesting historical fictions I’ve ever read. It gives a good hard look at the life of women in 18th/19th century China (I can’t remember right now which exact century…oops). It goes into great detail about things that were mainstream in life for women including footbinding (which disturbed me) and the way a hierarchy in the family worked. However, it also had a sense of camaraderie between strangers (probably the fictional part) that I found quite enjoyable. The narration was also just simply enjoyable to me, despite the rough times.
  2. Magic or Madness by Justine Larbalestier is a rather unique fantasy story to me, and the first of a trilogy that I’d likely recommend. The story focuses on a girl named Reason, and teaches that everyone has magic even if we don’t see it as such: for example, Reason’s magic involves numbers, and essentially her name. It has a mix of contemporary and less-modern ideas on magic, and is captivating overall to me.


I plan to make a WIP page where I’ll tell you about my projects and whatnot…I’m just learning how to go about it from another blogger and deciding on some things. But look forward to it!