Making Maps and 101 Challenge 5

With the idea of making a snapple-cap fact list for myself of my inner universe, I began trying to map things out…And with the first world I tried to map, I realized I can’t draw a map to save my life so far.

For now, I’ve made a cruddy little thing in paint…But I’ve found a number of neat generators and such online. I don’t have the patience for this one that’s drag and drop and such with pieces. Well, not yet, anyway. I tried it last night but lost my first part because of having to restart my computer and forgetting to try to save it somehow. I found another generator that makes really nice, colorful maps though. I just need it to generate on that really fits my world more. I may not know it well, but I know bits and pieces.

But in many ways, maps really are useful. Maybe I’ll try drawing my own again…And taking my time, in a program like GIMP. Have you ever made a map for yourself, readers?

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Your first memory of books or reading

I still remember the first book I managed to read at school, back when we were learning to read in classes and would each choose a book to read to the class out loud. When it was my turn to read, I brought a Little Bear book to read. I was a lot slower learning to read well compared to my classmates, mind you…I have some notable dyslexia at times and other eye issues, and I was also just a bit on the slow side (it took me until I was in third grade for adding to really ‘click’, while everyone else was learning to multiply).

I have so many memories of books…To be honest, putting them in order can be really hard! I still remember times I read books I hated, and times I read books I loved. A lot of books have left a really strong impact on me over my life. It’s a shame I don’t read as much anymore outside of manga…I need new glasses so that I can focus without eye strain again. I should stop lollygagging on that.

Snapple Cap Concept and 101 Challenge 4

I drink a lot of snapple as of late and I happen to particularly love the bottles with the old-style caps that have little facts on them. As I was reading my snapple cap today, it made me think about something…

Wouldn’t this be a good method of world development?

I still have a lot of world development to do for a lot of my stories…For example, the layout and history and just general information. My inner universe has a ton to explore…And perhaps one way I can explore it is by making sort of ‘snapple facts’ from them! One of these days, I’ll try sharing some with you. Look forward to it! I’ll figure out a nice way to present it later.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: How you knew you wanted to become a writer.

When I was a young girl, my father would make up fantastical stories for me at bedtime. Sure, he could read me a book too, but I always loved the stories he made up and put me into. I can still vividly remember my joy as he would tell me stories of my life as a princess in a world made of sweets, and how I’d swim in a pool of pudding until the big bad veggies tried to take over, or something like that. Okay, so my memory isn’t exactly perfect- but from that time on, I started enjoying trying to make up stories too.

I wasn’t quick to learn to write mind you. I was slow learning to read, but I have wanted to write from the moment I learned how. I still have one of my first ‘manuscripts’…From when I was around nine or so years old. It’s printed and in a folder in my filing cabinet never to be peered upon again (because let’s face it, I’m OCD and the last thing I want to do is reread something I wrote before I knew what a period was really for). I started writing poetry shortly after, and entered contests for it as a middle schooler- and even won enough to get published in my town! I think it was seeing the faces of people I actually showed my writing to that really made me think ‘wouldn’t it be nice to do even more of this and see even more people interested?’.

Of course, it’s not just that I like seeing how people react to what I write. To be honest, I’ve always been better with writing my thoughts down than speaking. I write not just for the sake of telling a story….I write to express myself while I do it! If I’m lost and don’t know how to tell someone what’s wrong, I can do it with my typed up words easily. Words come to me when I have my fingers at the keyboard…Not when my mouth is open.

To be honest, that’s probably good for another thing: no one can understand what I say when I talk anyway. I speak too softly and quickly to make sense!

So, the moral of the story…I guess I just always wanted to write. The moment I heard my first silly story…I wanted to make stories that could touch others just like the ones I heard touched me. It’s simple, yet complicated as a feeling. It’s not necessarily that I want to be a “writer”…I just want to write. To write…And to share these feelings with those around me! You know?