Days With No Net and 101 Challenge 8

So for the past few days, I have had no internet available to me. I don’t know what happened, but it just…wasn’t around? I use internet generously supplied by a neighbor. If they lose it, I lose it. It took until late this evening to get it back. All I could do in the meantime was thank them for always being so kind as to let me use it…And try to work on a design for their birthday card I plan to make this week. (I always make my cards to people by hand. It’s just how I am!)

Today was a busy day once I got my net. I had to catch up with work at Books and Quills, and we had a facebook Takeover- the first one I’ve really participated in! Not sure what a Takeover is? From what I’ve found out…It’s basically an event where we take control of conversations on an FB page and get to interact and have fun with everyone! Want to see it in action? It’s part of this Event. Just look in the discussions, and you’re sure to find all sorts of puzzles, prompts and fun from us!

I’ve also decided that today I’d like to remind my wonderful readers who have discord about the Writer’s Haven, a group made by Books & Quills for writers of all types to chat, work together, help each other, and just have a good ol’ time (or vent, if that’s what you need). If you’re ever interested in taking a look, feel free to come on by!

While I had no internet, I DID have access to ComiPo…And spent some time making some pictures in it just for fun. Including a button!

What do you think? At any rate, now it’s time for…

Today’s Challenge: Describe your dream writing space.

Honestly, I’ve never thought about my ‘dream’ writing space. I’d probably really like a big desk with a hutch and lots of drawers for knickknacks, files and the like. Naturally, including a new/better computer might be helpful to me too. But the main thing for me is having enough space for all my stuff. And, y’know, book space. I need my books! NEED, I tell you!

Oh, and one of my drawers would probably be dedicated to pens. Because you don’t know how badly I hoard those…And probably don’t want to! >w<


A young adult who writes as a way of life, and treats all her characters as her children.

3 Replies to “Days With No Net and 101 Challenge 8”

  1. That’s why you haven’t been around! XD I figured you were busy celebrating your birthday!

    And yay a button!

    Dream writing space…hm…I guess like you a big old desk, with a computer, some reference books, lots of paper and pens. With a nice window for a nice view outside!

    I hoard pens too! XD

  2. I started to wonder where you were! :O

    I’m happy to hear that your internet is back. I hope that you don’t lose it again anytime soon. D:

    I also seem to hoard pens, but I think it’s primarily because I lose them often. O_O

    1. I lose EVERYTHING. I’m not very organized in general and pens are always hard to keep nearby despite my love of them. There’s also the random dead pens that I often end up with. One time…I had four die on me at once at my desk. At the time it was all the pens I had. What timing!

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