This page will one day be full of my work, from poetry to pieces of prose. From lore and legend to little character moments…It’s all an excerpt from my little universe, all for you to see!

When the skies were young and the world was beginning to bloom, the Sun and the Moon fought for whom would take the throne. Unable to leave their celestial forms, the great Sun and the great Moon chose to bind their will with warriors of their choosing. As the Moon began to become mad with power, so did his warrior, the Moon’s Helper.

As chaos tried to reign, the great Sun willed its helper to help all that needed it in the skies and below. The helper gained immense power from the Sun in the form of protection and light, and was beloved by the people. The Moon’s Helper became jealous of the Sun’s Helper, and began to riot, creating an army and havoc anywhere he went. As a last effort to save the world from the Moon’s greed, the great Sun merged with its helper, becoming a strength the celestial world had never seen. However, upon conquering the skies once more, the Sun became tired, and as it returned to it’s proper form, the Sun’s Helper could only float in space, until his body crumbled into cosmic dust…

The war was not over, however. There are many who say that the Moon will rise again, choosing a new warrior to battle the order that the Sun brings to the world. If that is to happen, surely the Sun, with the great power it grasps as it slumbers in the bright sky, will bestow it’s grace upon a new warrior, who will fight for the righteous and good of the universe.


“I’m sorry I took so long, Mother. I was distracted.”

The woman gave a cheerful laugh. “By your cute Riku, right?”

“Yes, I did get to see her too, but…There was a troublesome creature there as well. Apparently the demons have started to notice her as much as angels have.”

“And that’s worrying you, huh?” She lifted her cup for a sip of the tea she’d set up for them. “What is it that draws you all to her?”

“She has the scent of something bewildering, a pressure that no mere human would have. I assume it’s because she was raised by Bretton…But naturally I can’t be sure. I didn’t come here because of that. I came for the sake of seeing the girl I’d always watched from above.”

“Young love is a beautiful thing.”

The boy chuckled, grinning ear to ear. “You say that, but I’m plenty older than you Marlene. If we went by true age, I’d be your father at the least, not your son.”

“Well for an angel, Luther, I’m sure ninety years isn’t that long.”

“Fair point. We do have different lifespans.” He mused, sighing. “If only I could have truly been a human…Humans may have short lives, but they’re strong and memorable. An angel’s life is long and often lonely…And to be honest, even if I do like people watching, just sitting upon clouds and watching all day can be quite a bore.”

Her laughter caused her to snort slightly as she stretched to hold the hand he had on the table still. “That’s why you came to the earth, and to me. I couldn’t be happier that you’re an angel.”

His wide grin softened, the hand that had been touched gently moving to grasp that of the woman across from him. “You are one of the purest humans I’ve ever met, Marlene. That is why I enjoy calling you my mother.”

“You don’t tend to talk much about your parents. Don’t angels have those?”

“We don’t. We are created by the universe itself, as souls given no body, and with lives with no purpose and no real way to escape the clouds we built our homes on. We’re scattered, and some of the angels I’ve met beside me are quite territorial. I do not know why we were created as souls without bodies, but we are what we are….And so, with nothing else to do, we all tend to watch humans live their lives…And wish we could live like them on our own.”