Jaluna’s Editing Services

Do you have a short story with some typos you need found?

Do you have a paper you’d like a second opinion on to make sure it’s easy enough to comprehend?

If you have any form of writing that’s under 3,000 words, my services might just be for you! I do a mixture of developmental and line editing, as well as proofreading, and you can get them all in one with this simple package!

How It Works

  1. Make sure your project is readable in Google Docs.
  2. Make sure to set the share link to ‘can edit’
  3. I’ll make all my edits and notations in Suggestion Mode
  4. Choose which edits make sense to you and talk with me about the notes.
  5. Repeat 3-5 if needed.

How Much It Costs

I will only edit projects up to 3,000 words, and I charge $10 per 1,000 words. Payments should be made via PayPal. Payment must be made before I begin editing, but after we’ve determined my deadline.

So… Want to hire me? Click here!