Sites to See

This page is going to be full of links to sites I think people might like. It’s not so much an affiliate page as it is a ‘see also’ page… But I will have affiliates here as well! If you’d like to see your link listed on this page, please fill out the form on the contact page.

Books & Quills Magazine
A great online magazine filled with literature, book news and writing advice!

Entrial Tales
A personal blog of a dear friend. 

True Root Studio
This blog is all about branding and has a beautiful interface and portfolio. Even if you’re like me and not looking for/can’t afford to work on branding too much, Brandi here has some great DIY and design ideas on the blog!

A friendly small community with an emphasis on friendship and ferrets. Also has an area to roleplay!

ComiPo English Users Forum
Are you also a ComiPo user? Share tips, tricks and good times with fellow ComiPo artists!

Juneberry’s Jungle
You saw it here first, people. I made my own forum! This forum is meant for writers and artists of all sorts to cohabit on the internet with a semi old-school method.