Sites to See

Originally, this page was going to be called “Affiliates”, but as it’s not just for other writer’s websites and blogs, but also other kinds of sites too, it seemed like a general ‘Sites to See’ or ‘See Also’ page fit better. The page will be updated over time, and if you want to ‘affiliate’ with Jaluna to get your site on here, go ahead and contact her via the form on the ‘On the Web’ page to let her know!

Eventually, this page will have a more nifty layout than just a list…


Entrial Tales – The website/blog Caludin’s admin. Take a look if you have time!

LTN-Games – An amazing developer of JS plugins and programs that work well with RPGMaker MV. You might see a lot of his plugins in screenshots Jaluna posts over time! You should take a look!


How to Start and Stay Writing by Illuminara
How to Write A First Draft Without Perfectionism by Illuminara
7 Ways to Form Healthy Writing Habits by Illuminara
A Short Guide to Brainstorming by Illuminara
How to Create Tension in Fiction by Illuminara
Writers Notes – Research by DarkDelusion


Caludin – A friendly forum for all sorts of people, especially artsy and just generally friendly folk! You may have noticed the title of the site is the same as the domain of this one…That’s because the admin is super friendly and nice, and is hosting this site! Thank her when you have the chance! And say hi. Everyone is friendly there. Did I say that enough yet?