Jaluna Rolik is a 25-year-old writer with a strong interest in breaking boundaries and making people think. She likes to include a variety of puns, current issues and personal issues as spices to her work, and writes a variety of prose and poetry. Some of her favorite topics to include in her work are mental health, equal rights, and living with senses that aren’t quite the same as others. One of her hobbies is asking people to describe scents to her the way one would describe color to someone that’s blind, or sound to someone that’s deaf.

Besides writing stories in prose and in poems, Jaluna also enjoys making comics, and is currently dabbling in many other artistic outlets, including RPG making and the art of making Visual Novels/Otome Games. She is an editor for an upcoming small team project and will hopefully get to work with them a lot in the future.

When not trying to be creative, she can be found reading manga, playing video games and watching a variety of television shows from comedies to cop dramas. She’s indecisive and has a hard time choosing favorites. She has been known to talk to her characters out loud without thinking, as well as apologize far too much (even to inanimate objects she clumsily bumps into!).