More Printables?

Hihi! How’s it going, guys? I know I haven’t written much, but I haven’t had much to write quite honestly. But, as my mind spirals between various projects, one of my newest loves has been making planner printables using Microsoft Word. No, my printables aren’t particularly special… But I enjoyed working on them, and wanted to share with you! So here’s a glimpse at what I’ve been working on.

If you have an idea you want me to try, or if you want me to share these so you can download them instead of awkwardly staring at my snipped pics, please leave a comment. I know it says it doesn’t go through, but it does! I just can’t find a theme I like that doesn’t have that glitch yet.

Anyhow… Let’s look at the art, shall we?

This is a daily planner page I came up with. I really love the green and blue colors, so you’ll see them a lot in my work while I’m starting off. But look at it- isn’t it simple yet glorious? If you have tweak ideas, let me know!

This is a weekly gratitude log. I generally use a monthly log, but I thought another option might be neat to try, and I also just really wanted to try making something ‘weekly’, but not yet a ‘weekly spread’. That’ll come later.

These are just two of the designs I’ve been working on. I have a blood pressure one I’ve been using too, and it’s simple and easier for me to work with than the very decorative one I made last year. I wasn’t sure if that’s something most people track, so wasn’t sure if I should share it. Both pages look like this, just with different numbering:

I made some other super simple things, but I’m not going to be sharing them here. They’re basically list ideas for gamers. I really want to branch out and make all sorts of things… Wish me luck, okay?

Topical Tuesday: My Planner

Howdy folks! It’s the last week of October already- that’s both amazing and a bit intimidating, don’t you think? But with a new month in tow, I have plans this week to reorganize my planner. I’d like to share my planner experience with you.

I’ve never been an organized person. I’m lazy and a clutter bug. I’m easily overwhelmed, and seeing my own mess makes me feel terrified of having to go through it! I finally realized that I need to organize my life. So, I finally gave in to my urge to journal.

At first, I was trying to do a bullet journal. I bought a small notebook at the dollar store and tried to start it, but I found I dropped it during my trip to Arizona and realized it didn’t quite fit my needs. I started looking for spreads I could duplicate, but it had too little space for me to handle with my bad handwriting. I needed something a bit bigger… And a bit more flexible than I found my bullet journaling to be.

That’s when my dad found a bunch of binders that we hadn’t used yet. We found four in total, and dad said they’re all mine to use. Dad recommended using one of the big ones as a physical copy of my writing projects, which I’ve since done. It’s got everything from maps to printouts of my world building and a workbook I printed the pages of because I was intrigued by it.

That’s not the planner I started with, though. Though that too is an important planner in my life, what really became important was another binder I began using: it’s filled with planner printables I found online, and though I intend to redo some of it this week, it’s not just this week that I’ve been using it.

Sure, I’ve missed a couple days in my habit tracker and such. I’ve more easily accepted my imperfections as I’ve worked with this planner. I found a lot of sites with great free printables, including everything from an about me to weekly and daily planning pages. I’ve got a gratitude journal, my mentioned habit tracker, and even a mental health tracker. I try to use each of them each day, and while I’ve missed some as I’ve said, it’s really amazing to see my progress. I can see what parts of my life I’m still struggling with (mainly decluttering).

I do have some changes I plan to make for next month. For starters, I’m going to try a mood tracker instead of the mental health one I currently use. It’ll be more fun to color than just x a box about an emotion. I plan to make a headache tracker of my own using online resources, too. I’m thinking I can change a habit tracker to a symptom tracker in general, actually… But I also want to track my blood pressure and heart rate, too, so I’ll probably be playing around with methods to do this for a good chunk of the week.

There’s more changes I plan to make, but it’s mostly just changing where things are and adding labels to my dividers so that I can better access things after I readjust. If you want me to share some of the printables I’ve used, I’d be happy to take some pictures. That, or I can share some of my favorite places to get printables. Whatever you might want, let me know, because I’ve come to really love my planner, and it’s seriously helping with my anxiety!

That’s all for today, I’m afraid. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday, where I’ll be sharing the biggest event of the year to me and how it’s going to affect this blog for the upcoming month. Please make sure not to miss it! I look forward to telling you all about it soon. 🙂

I Made a Thing

I’ll be talking more about my planner tomorrow, but I just made a page for my planner all my own. See, I have to check my blood pressure and pulse every day due to having certain issues. The thing is, my dad and I have only one blood pressure checker that we have to share. So, I decided to make a very basic blood pressure/pulse tracker. And, proud of my work, I decided to share it with you all today! There’s one for 30 days and one for 31 days.

P.S. You’re welcome to use it if you might need it yourself! If you have any ideas for other interesting printable planner pages you think I should try making, comment and let me know!