Month: October 2019

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Throwback Thursday: NaNoWriMo

Welcome to the last post of October! It feels like time’s blown away quite quickly, doesn’t it? I

Topical Tuesday: My Planner

Howdy folks! It’s the last week of October already- that’s both amazing and a bit intimidating, d

I Made a Thing

I’ll be talking more about my planner tomorrow, but I just made a page for my planner all my ow

Soulful Saturday: Passion

Good morning and happy Saturday, everyone! Is everyone having a nice weekend? I know some of you migh

Throwback Thursday: My Coming Out

Hey there, guys. As you may or may not have seen online recently, this week is Asexual Awareness week

Topical Tuesday: For the Love of Video Games

Hello, hello! It’s already the second day of the week, but I feel like talking about something fun.

Soulful Saturday: Self Care

It’s that time again, everyone! What time do I mean? Oh, just time for me to pour my heart out. Wel

Throwback Thursday: My Big Sister

Hey there guys! It’s already Thursday. Time certainly flies! In fact, I already have plans for Satu

Topical Tuesday: Kindness

Greetings to you all! It’s already Tuesday- hard to believe, isn’t it? October is flashing by in

Soulful Saturday: Friendship, Online and Off

Hey there everyone! Today, I want to talk about a very important topic to me: Friendship. Friendship