Month: May 2019

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Throwback Thursday: My Heart (Part 2)

Hello everyone! Welcome to part two of my memories related to my heart. This time, though, I won’t

Topical Tuesday: ComiPo

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Soulful Saturday: High School

Hello everyone! It’s time for some deep diving into my psyche again as we enter another Soulful Sat

Throwback Thursday: My Heart (Part 1)

It’s Throwback Thursday, guys! That means it’s time to share with you a memory or two that has br

Topical Tuesday: Travel

Hey there guys! Welcome back, or if you’re new, just a great big welcome! It’s Topical Tuesday, m

Soulful Saturday: Why Not To Say ‘I’m Fine’

Hihi everyone! Pull up a chair and relax as best you can, because today’s post is all about things

Throwback Thursday: Artsy Nostalgia

Good afternoon, and welcome to my second Throwback Thursday post! I’ve been thinking a lot about no

Topical Tuesday: Manga I Love

Good afternoon, everyone! It’s time for another Topical Tuesday- and today, I have a pretty broad t

Soulful Saturdays: Why I Write

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first “Soulful Saturday” post, where I’ll be getting into the

Throwback Thursday: Nostalgic Video Games

While I know this is my writing blog, I also know it’s foolish not to write about myself as a perso