Month: September 2019

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Soulful Saturday: Colorful Memories

Good morning, everyone! I had a hard time thinking of what to write about today- I’ve been having i

Throwback Thursday: Pet Stories

Howdy everyone, good to see you again! Today, I’m going to talk about some memories I have of pets

Topical Tuesday: Travel Tales

Hihi! How’s it going guys? Today, I was given a prompt by a friend who’s been helping me a lot la

Soulful Saturday: Nightmares

Hihi, guys! How are you? I’ve been doing a bit mixed in terms of health and other things, but I’m

Throwback Thursday: Hobbies and Habits

WARNING: There is a small part that pertains to self harm. You've been warned. Good morning everyone!

Topical Tuesday: Social Media

Hey everyone! Can you believe it’s already Tuesday? I can’t, cause I’m writing this on a Monday

Soulful Saturday: Where I Belong

Hi there, everyone! It’s time to get back on track with the true goal of Soulful Saturday, and a fr

Throwback Thursday: Extreme Snow-Tubing

Good morning everyone! Today, I’d like to thank my new friend Sophie for inspiring me to write this

Topical Tuesday: Widespread

Hey everyone, welcome back! Did you have a good weekend? I spent the weekend doing all sorts of thing

Soulful Saturday: A Delayed Sit-Down on my Trip to Arizona

Hi hello, friends! I hope the weekend has been treating you well so far! I promised I’d do this las