Throwback Thursday: Stationary

Hey there, guys! Welcome back to my now personally personal blog. (And yes, I know that sounded redundant…But it was fun to say!)

Today’s Throwback Thursday, as the title says, is about stationary. You see, I’ve always had a fascination with stationary. Notebooks, pens, art supplies- if it’s related to paper and what you use to write and draw on it, I’m obsessed, and sometimes very picky. Today, I’m going to talk about three things related to stationary: Stationary I currently have and just love, a memory of how bad my hoarding of notebooks used to get, and a mention of a few other obsessions I collect in my life. Let’s begin, shall we?

My favorite stationary I’ve gotten in recent years include a few pens I own, some nifty pencil sharpeners I haven’t actually used yet, and some really nice notebooks. I’m going to try to include pictures, but I may make you wait on those for another time, as it depends on if I can get a decent image. For now, let me describe some of them.

First off, the pens. My absolute favorite pens I’ve recently gotten include one that has a flashlight shaped like a lamp with a lampshade on the bottom of the pen. The pen’s cap is actually a stand- so you can totally use the albeit dim lamp to light a small area. It’s really cool! My second pen…I sadly lost it somewhere along the way. I know it’s hiding around here somewhere, but I cry when I search because so far, I never find it. ;-; It’s a really cool pen though. It’s actually a multi-tool: it has a ruler, a level and a screw driver all built into one magnificent pen!

The notebooks I have are really something. One is the one I turned into my bullet journal. I got it at the dollar store thinking it was really cute- it’s pink on top and green on the bottom, and it has both an elastic enclosure and a ribbon to keep your place marked. I really need to get back into my journaling… My second notebook was a gift I got in a care package, much like the multi-tool pen. It’s a beautiful, big notebook with a colorful bird adorning the cover. It’s magnificent I tell you!

Okay, we’ve talked about current stationary loves- now let’s talk about the past. You see, there was a time my father and I both collected notebooks and office supplies together. It was so bad we’d filled a little room built into our apartment at the time’s basement. Friends would come over and ask to see our ‘mini Staples’ to find what they might need themselves- and while it was loads of fun, it still shows a concerning trait. Normal people don’t have a room dedicated to stationary!

Of course, it’s not just stationary I collect and hoard. And yes, I’m admitting right now I have hoarder tendencies and an obsessive personality. I’m obsessed with bags and makeup like a stereotypical woman. I’m still proud of my plushie collection as well. Looking at my desk alone, you can tell I have a minor issue with lip balms. Seriously, I have three on my desk. There’s no way I need three different lip balms at my desk. Just one should do.

If you were to come to my house, another thing you’d see a lot of is flashlights. I can count four right on the shelf near me. That’s more my dad’s thing, but I admit… My lampshade pen having a light is pretty wonderful to me. I also have a lot of art supplies sitting near me right now: a container full of colored pencils, a huge box of gel pens… And then those pencil sharpeners I haven’t used yet, which are cool because you can use them to cap your pencils.

Do you like stationary as much as I do? Whether you do or not, I’d love to hear what interesting stationary you have. I’d also love to hear about things you collect, obsess over, or hoard. Let’s share the things we might have problems with- and be proud that we know the things we love so well!

Topical Tuesday: What’s Focus?

I know it’s been a week, and I apologize for the delay! Today, I’d like to talk about something that’s been on my mind a lot lately… My short attention span.

I don’t know when it started. My attention span was never great, but it’s been getting worse lately. I have a wide range of interests may be part of the problem- I keep jumping from writing to forums to game development to watching a variety of youtubers to- well, you get the picture.

Lately, I just feel like I’m out of control. I’ve stopped using my habit trackers for a while now and know I need to go back to it, but restarting is a difficult step. And you know what else is hard? Motivating myself when I can’t keep track of my mind.

I have a basket of laundry that has literally been waiting weeks for me to fold it. I haven’t written in my gratitude journal in months, probably. My bullet journal has been reduced to just a pretty notebook sitting in my travel wallet (yes, it fit in there). I have no drive, no full interest or attention to anything.

Does anyone out there know what’s wrong with me? Can someone tell me why everything feels lackluster and I can’t keep myself working on a project more than a few minutes before something else comes to mind that I want to do? Why do I feel like everything yet nothing is worth anything? I know some of this is probably depression… But I don’t know what to do about it.

So, I ask you, my readers… What advice can you share? Give me all your ideas, your experiences. Have you been here? What helped you? I need all the help I can get… So please don’t hold back, okay?