A young adult who writes as a way of life, and treats all her characters as her children.

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My Favorite GIFs

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Guest Blogger: Sabrina

When In Doubt, Roleplay! 4 Reasons Why Writers Should Roleplay When Faced With Self-Doubt If you are

The New Schedule

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Guest Blogger: Lacey

Hihi! How’s it going guys? Today’s post is a bit different. See, I’ve seen guest bl

Games I’m Playing

Hihi! How’s it going guys? Yes, I do intend to start most of my blog posts that way… It’s how I

Update: A Bit of Chaos

Long time no see, everyone! Sorry for disappearing like I did. I’ve recently been in a major burn o

Topical Tuesday: Oopsie Daisy!

Howdy everyone! I’d like to formally apologize for skipping out on a week of posts… again. I’ve