A young adult who writes as a way of life, and treats all her characters as her children.

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Poll: Comic Diary

For those of you not aware, I’ve been making comics in the program ComiPo for YEARS. I used to

My Folder of Fluff

If you know me, you know my philosophy on gratitude: it can be a great aid in keeping your spirits up


For those of you who don’t know, I’m obsessed with learning. I love learning about just a

Guest Blogger: Steph

So you want to read E-Arcs? A How to Guide to Getting Digital Advanced Reader Copies Hi! When talking

My Favorite GIFs

Today’s post is going to be a bit different than usual as it won’t have that many words f

Guest Blogger: Sabrina

When In Doubt, Roleplay! 4 Reasons Why Writers Should Roleplay When Faced With Self-Doubt If you are

The New Schedule

Hihi! How’s it going, guys? Welcome to a very special blog post. Today, you see, I have an exciting

2021: My Goals For the New Year

Hihi! How’s it going guys? Welcome to 2021. As it’s a new year, I felt now was a good time to ren

More Printables?

Hihi! How’s it going, guys? I know I haven’t written much, but I haven’t had much to write quit

Guest Blogger: Lacey

Hihi! How’s it going guys? Today’s post is a bit different. See, I’ve seen guest bl