WIP WIP Page and 101 Challenge 3

Jaluna 3

I finally started working on the page for my Works in Progress today, slowly. Since it’s not actually finished by a long shot (I added banner buttons this time for separation, but it’ll take a while to make each page…and update all the info…) I’m not going to bother considering this segment a ‘site update’. But at the least, I figured I’d note it. I have two projects listed, so feel free to take a look if you feel like it!

Now for today’s primary segment…The challenge!

CHALLENGE 3 –  Ask a question

As you can see, today’s challenge actually DOES require some reactions! Or at least, I’d really love to get some. It took me a long time to decide on what to write, honestly. I’m a very curious person by nature, so I could probably come up with enough questions to last a year. Alas, it only said to ask one…So I’ll ask one of my favorites to ask (which may or may not stump you to think about).

My question for you, lovely reader, is “What is your favorite scent, and what does it smell like?”

As a writer, I see it as important to be able to describe a setting with all the senses…But it’s kind of hard to describe something you can’t experience! Because of being born without a sense of smell, I always am curious what it is like to have the olfactory sense, and what makes people like certain smells over others. So, imagine you’re describing a color to a blind person and tell me what smells you like! Heck, you can tell me which you hate too. I just really want to know more about them!


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3 Replies to “WIP WIP Page and 101 Challenge 3”

  1. WIP page looks great!

    As for smells. Well, as I’ve told you before mine is rose. And it smells like…light…and just enchanting to me. It smells like you would imagine romance would smell. Best way I can describe it.

  2. I didn’t know that you were unable to smell. I wonder how different it must be to experience life without one of the senses, even one like smell that we usually do not regard as important in the grand scheme of things. I like the smell of strawberries. I often melt strawberry and cream wax melts in my room. It gives the room a pleasing scent. I can’t really describe it that well.

    1. It’s amazing how we don’t think of smell much isn’t it? In writing classes we always included it in sensory exercises. Smell is linked to memories heavily too. I think knowing strawberries and cream is a pleasant scent is still more than I knew. Would you call it sweet? I’m often told scents are similar to tastes.

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