Making Maps and 101 Challenge 5

With the idea of making a snapple-cap fact list for myself of my inner universe, I began trying to map things out…And with the first world I tried to map, I realized I can’t draw a map to save my life so far.

For now, I’ve made a cruddy little thing in paint…But I’ve found a number of neat generators and such online. I don’t have the patience for this one that’s drag and drop and such with pieces. Well, not yet, anyway. I tried it last night but lost my first part because of having to restart my computer and forgetting to try to save it somehow. I found another generator that makes really nice, colorful maps though. I just need it to generate on that really fits my world more. I may not know it well, but I know bits and pieces.

But in many ways, maps really are useful. Maybe I’ll try drawing my own again…And taking my time, in a program like GIMP. Have you ever made a map for yourself, readers?

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Your first memory of books or reading

I still remember the first book I managed to read at school, back when we were learning to read in classes and would each choose a book to read to the class out loud. When it was my turn to read, I brought a Little Bear book to read. I was a lot slower learning to read well compared to my classmates, mind you…I have some notable dyslexia at times and other eye issues, and I was also just a bit on the slow side (it took me until I was in third grade for adding to really ‘click’, while everyone else was learning to multiply).

I have so many memories of books…To be honest, putting them in order can be really hard! I still remember times I read books I hated, and times I read books I loved. A lot of books have left a really strong impact on me over my life. It’s a shame I don’t read as much anymore outside of manga…I need new glasses so that I can focus without eye strain again. I should stop lollygagging on that.


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6 Replies to “Making Maps and 101 Challenge 5”

  1. I’ve never really tried to do maps.

    As for reading…I don’t have too many early memories of it. I remember when I really got into it though which was when I started reading the American Girl books.

    1. I haven’t read the American girl books…but I love making general maps to help me figure out routes in my stories! Bad maps, but maps. Maybe I should post an old one sometime.

  2. I can’t imagine you being slow. You seem so articulate, and you post such intelligent thoughts!

    I really loved Little Bear when I was a kid. 🙂 My mom always tells me what the first book that I ever read to her was, but I can never remember. Maybe I should ask her.

    1. I take my time when I write my ideas down. I write all my posts in notepad before posting, so I can manage to edit and make it as logical/understandable as possible. I’m just slow in taking in info, but I do get it in my pace.

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