Paradoxes in my Head, Making of a Language and 101 Challenge 11

My camp project’s a flop. I just can’t keep my head in the game lately (the fever I have today doesn’t help, but still!) and I ended up having my muse tugged away from it and back to an older project, Star of Satseiya. You can see a sample on the Excerpt page, and I added it to the WIP area too. It’s a very complicated story to describe for me, honestly…But it was a story I wrote many years ago originally as a short story, which I want to expand. It’s filled with symbols and a fight against the black and white views of good and bad, in many ways. In a way, it’s a way I hope to learn to fight against my borderline thinking. The angels and demons have very unique traits to me, but at the same time, I have tried to humanize them. Hopefully I’m doing a good job.

Originally, I started making a gibberish language for a writing prompt I was doing, but I ended up using it to give the demons a way to interact more uniquely. I’m writing a dictionary of sorts for myself to translate, so that as I go I can write out sentences in it and still know what I’m saying. The issue is going to be making sure the reader does! But after using it just for one brief moment in a chapter, I found that it really helped bring the demons to life, and added another layer of depth and culture that’s hidden from the world so far. I’ve been doing a lot of planning on the races recently because of this…But the language is the biggest challenge yet.

Still, I’m having fun with all the paradoxes and language work! I’m also trying to learn a few languages on Duolingo, which will help me make up other words soon enough. I’ve done some lessons in Italian, Russian and Norwegian so far. Since I can’t quite read half the letters well yet, some are harder than others….But it’s still worth it! 🙂

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: What you’ve learned through blogging

What I’ve learned is that moderation really is the key to many things, even a blog. When I was looking for input on the blog early on, a few people told me one thing they like is that my posts aren’t every day like some other blogs are- it keeps it less stressful for them to keep up. To be honest, that’s part of why I do it myself. I just don’t have the energy!

I’ve also been learning about readability more, or rather net readability. WordPress happens to have a plugin of some sort that tells me what makes my blog less readable, as well as separate pages. So far, I’m not doing well with certain issues like adding more pictures and links…But hopefully, it’s not totally boring you all. I just can’t think of what to link to or add images for. I mean, it’s a writing blog. Naturally the goal is to write, right?


A young adult who writes as a way of life, and treats all her characters as her children.

6 Replies to “Paradoxes in my Head, Making of a Language and 101 Challenge 11”

  1. At least you’re writing!

    And I never tried making up a language for a story, but it sounds cool! I know a lot of fantasy ones do, and I’m sure its loads of work!

    As for what I’ve learned…well I learned one of the best ways to get new readers and stuff is to comment on other blogs. Most often they will come and return the favor.

    1. True, I always get curious about the people that comment on mine, so that makes sense as a way to get new readers! On the other hand…I suck at thinking of something to reply with. I’m too perfectionistic about making a super epic comment that takes too much brains I don’t have :’D

    1. Thanks much! I’m still under a lot of stress outside of writing lately, so I’ve been a lot less productive…But I’m not going to give up.
      I actually am also very inspired in other ways from this situation. About cleaning out my junk when I go home. :’D

  2. With time you will get better. So don’t worry about headaches and about wordpress pluggin telling you that your blog is less readable. The more you write, the better you will learn.

    1. Thank you so much, Ron! You’re right. I just have to keep working hard! It’s not a bad thing…it shows I can improve! 🙂

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