More Problems… Continued

Jaluna 2

Update: my constant computer crashes now have a known cause…my HDD is fried! Well that or the part that reads it…anyway, dad did heavy duty diagnostics to find that out. We think it’s the controller for the HDD because we tried putting in my backup drive and it found nothing on it either…

Likelihood is I will be without a computer until either dad fixes up one of the other dead systems in the house, finds a way around this controller bug, or I break down and buy the cheapest but most useful one I can find. If anyone has a laptop they could donate, I’d totally love to beg for it! I kid…mostly.

What does this mean for my blog though?


  1. The 101 Challenge is on hold infinitely until I have a computer.
  2. My posts will be scarcer.
  3. I’ll still be writing and such! Just mostly outline work, maybe some art, etc.

My time will be spent mostly fighting tech, playing games, outlining to the max, etc. I’ll share more as I think of it. For now…off to replay Journey to Kreisia to try to find another ending. Normal ending was too depressing!


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  1. Oh dear…I hate computer problems! My one lap top died like a couple months ago (luckily not my good one!), but still had to be replaced (used it for other stuff). Hopefully it’ll get fixed or you can find a cheap one!

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