Throwback Thursday: Artsy Nostalgia

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Good afternoon, and welcome to my second Throwback Thursday post! I’ve been thinking a lot about nostalgia lately, to be honest. In recent months, I joined a discord group for people who used my favorite site from when I was young- .hack//chat. They’re a varied group of people, but I knew a lot of them when I was only ten, eleven years old. When I first joined I was skeptical, but now… The nostalgia brings a smile to my face as we talk occasionally about the old days and try to plan to recreate the site that was like home to me once again.

Now mind you, that’s not what this post is about. I just wanted to point out when I started thinking so hard about nostalgia in the first place. While exploring my past in memories and kindred spirits, I started thinking of other things I did back then. One such thing? That was around the same time I started using deviantART for my drawings and poems.

Just yesterday, I started lurking my first DA account (yes, I have two- I was too lazy to delete the old account, and I like looking at it from time to time). I found things that I couldn’t help but ridicule, like my art style- but I also found some poems that made me smile. In fact, I found one that brought me some nostalgia all it’s own, because it was a remake of a poem I’d written the year before at sleep away camp!

So, today, I’d like to share with you my nostalgia from my youth. I have chosen a poem and some of my albeit bad drawings to share with you. I hope you’ll appreciate their childish charm as I do- because really, that’s the main value they have.

First off, the poem: An Ode to Oranges

The lucious color
Bright, pure
The tangy taste
One knows for sure
T'is the orange, ripe
Ready to peel
What underneath the skin
Will we reveal?
I open the skin
Ready to show
The bright color
Under hazy glow.
The orange is peeled
And ready to eat
Let us enjoy
Our tiny,
But delectable feast.

Now, some really sad pictures:

What’s something that makes you nostalgic? I’d love to know!



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