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Hey there guys! Welcome back, or if you’re new, just a great big welcome! It’s Topical Tuesday, meaning we’re going to talk about something mild and easy. And, thanks to lurking some sites for writing prompts, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what to talk about today.

Today’s topic? Travel.

There are many reasons a person travels, and traveling can vary in national and international ways. I personally have never been out of the United States- I don’t even have a passport, quite honestly. But even if I’ve never left this country, I’ve had my fair share of travels. I’ve lived in two states on opposite sides of the continent, I’ve been to almost every time zone at least twice in my life. The only one I don’t recall ever being in is Central.

I’ve traveled for many reasons in my life. Sometimes it was a relative having a conference and bringing me along. Others, it was because of an extracurricular activity. My most memorable travels, however, are usually the ones I choose to go on to see loved ones. Today, I’m going to give you a quick idea of some of the trips I remember most.

  1. Model UN Pasadena Trip
    I mentioned earlier that I lived on both sides of the continent. When I said that, I was inferring that I lived, for a short time, in northern California. It was an iffy time in my life as I was going through puberty and had a somewhat over-controlled life set up for me. However, I did grow to enjoy the extracurriculars I was pushed into. Model UN, in particular, brings memories I’ll never forget- including finding out two years after it my crush, who I said nothing to about it, always knew and was waiting for me to tell him about liking him. Oops?
  2. A Maternal Disaster
    My second memory of traveling actually happened earlier than the Model UN trip by about a year or two. I was taken by my aunt to visit my estranged mother- and well, there was a disaster at first, but it wasn’t all bad. Still, this is a painful memory more than a pleasant one. My mother hadn’t changed at all, I came to realize- and maybe the real reason I went there was to get closure and accept that fact. I certainly grew some closure… As much as you can when you’re already living in an insane household.
  3. My Beloved
    This trip actually happened in the past year. I’ve dated online most of my life, but I’ve never met up with the people I dated… Until last June, when I went to see my boyfriend and his family for the first time in my life. Needless to say, meeting your boyfriend offline for the first time coinciding with meeting his family is a bit intimidating, but it was a wonderful trip I look forward to making again sometime this summer. To my surprise, Arizona heat isn’t as painful for me as the current heat in our tristate area. I had been to Arizona once before as a child, and remembered it very differently.

    Unlike the child I was, I’ve grown to see charm in Arizona and similar states with arid deserts. I’ve started thinking that if I move out of state, Arizona would be a good destination- and not just because my favorite person is there! No, I want to go because it’s cheaper, and it’s easier on my health problems than this muggy sauna of a state I’m stuck in.

That’s it for today. Those are some of the many travels I’ve taken in my life within our country- and I hope to travel much more in the years to come! If you’d be willing to, I’d love to see a travel story of yours in the comments. Until Thursday- take care!



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