Topical Tuesday: Me in a Nutshell

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Hihi! How are you? I’m going to be spending most of my day at doctors, both for myself and my dad, so I won’t be getting much writing done for my Camp NaNoWriMo project. Still, I wanted to give you something for Topical Tuesday, and thus began searching for a good prompt- and that’s when I found the perfect challenge instead: Telling you my life story in a mere paragraph.

Before I delve into my history some more, I’d like to note this is a great writing practice. A paragraph about each character’s life story would be both daunting and yet incredibly helpful. I tend to write very long biographies for them… Shortening them might be nice.

Okay, without further ado… My life in a nutshell:

I was born, raised, and remain in a little state known as New Jersey. I grew up in a dysfunctional family that was almost always fighting, at least on one side. My mother was an addict and finally left the family, leaving me shattered. After more people came and left, my heart became twisted- I can no longer see the shades of gray in the world, only black and white. To trust is to bring harm to me. That’s a lesson that I’ve learned over and over again.

As you can see, my paragraph isn’t very compelling or giving in detail. I don’t think I’d normally do this kind of thing for myself. Still, I gave you a glimpse into my life- one you probably already had, but still!

What do you guys think of this challenge? If you’re up for it, I challenge you to write a paragraph biography as well! Share it with me in the comments, so I can get to know you better. I’ll say it can be as long or short a paragraph as you’d like… Just please, humor me and give it a try.

Until next time… Bye bye~!



A young adult who writes as a way of life, and treats all her characters as her children.

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