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Hey everyone! Can you believe it’s already Tuesday? I can’t, cause I’m writing this on a Monday. Yeah, I admit it, I pre-write my posts. I never know how my health will be on any given day, so I do this to make sure I can get a post up even if I’m in crap condition.

That’s not our topic for today though. No, today’s topic is all about social media. Social media plays a big part in many lives, including my own. I love Twitter and am constantly scrolling on there and retweeting random things I like while sharing what I’m up to like it all somehow matters. Somehow, though, eight hundred people- including some of you reading this, I bet- like what I do on Twitter enough to follow me. And that’s something I find truly amazing.

Now, I don’t use all forms of social media- I’ve tried to, but I just can’t anymore with some. Facebook is dead to me, I haven’t tried to log in in probably a year or two, except to connect games to it so I won’t lose my work. The other day (or rather, last week) I actually got an email that someone was trying to break into my older account. I just sat there like, “You go man. Dig up that corpse.”

Now Instagram I did use for a while. I have two accounts on there that I seriously need to get back onto. One was for just my daily life and a lot of selfies, which honestly sucked, but my poetry account was doing amazing. I need to start updating it more often with new poetry… I just haven’t written any in a while. So, if you feel like giving me a prompt or something to get my poetry motors oiled up again, that’d be great!

Finally, there’s Youtube. I only got into really using it as myself just recently. I posted an introductory video you can watch, but the video I really hope you’ll watch for me is this pep talk I made:

Why am I promoting my youtube video to you? Because I worked hard on it, spilled my soul out. If you watch anything ever on my channel, let it be this pep talk, because the content is super important to me, and I think it’ll be important to you too after you watch.

Now, a bit about how I see social media: It’s a drug. Social media is like a drug. I know a few things about addiction. I’m from a family with addictive tendencies, and I myself am addicted to another of things. I’m addicted to my computer, addicted to social media, addicted to my medication… There’s a lot you can be addicted to.

But social media plays a huge role in my life. I spend many hours of my day scrolling through Twitter. I have literally taken my phone into the bathroom with me, and just sat there reading Tweets for an hour when I could’ve gotten up a lot sooner. (C’mon, don’t tell me you don’t use your phone on the toilet.) I don’t even fully watch when I’m watching TV anymore. I spend a lot of my TV time with dad just playing on my phone while listening and looking up once in a while. So what am I doing while I watch TV? Mostly lurking social media and maybe playing a few games I like. That’s a story for another time.

But seriously, the social media binging is a problem. You never know what you’ll see and that’s what makes it exciting- but it also makes you want to constantly check it for new content, you know? I’ve literally sat tweeting in the middle of a staff meeting before. Luckily my boss didn’t get angry, but I for one did. Social media is great- but make sure to take a break from it from time to time. I don’t mind if that means I get less watchers or followers or anything like that. I’m being serious: you can have too much of a good thing. Keep that in mind, okay?

Well, that’s all for today’s rambling. Now, it’s time to share your thoughts! What social media do you use most? Why do you prefer one site over another? Do you have methods of fighting the urge to binge on social media? Share any thoughts or answers you might have- it may just help another person in their fight! 😀



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