2021: My Goals For the New Year

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Hihi! How’s it going guys? Welcome to 2021. As it’s a new year, I felt now was a good time to renew a lot of things in my life- in moderation, of course. Today, I want to tell you about some of my big plans and goals for the year- but first, I want to tell you about my Word of the Year.

I follow a lot of planning blogs- and I mean a lot. One email I got from one I’m particularly fond of, Masha Plans, mentioned the use of a Word of the Year to help set your intentions for the year ahead. My word, that I chose based on my goals, is “Compose”. I’ll explain my thoughts on how each of my goals fits this word down below. Most of them do, anyway- some don’t, and I think that’s okay. The point is it ties most of them together.

Get Healthy

I want to build up my health both in mind and body. That means not just losing weight, but creating habits that will help me feel more ‘composed’ and happier. I took a class just the end of last year about the psychological science of happiness. There were eight different things it taught me I can focus on to better my emotional health- things like savoring the moment, keeping a gratitude log, exercising, sleeping, etc.. I already keep a gratitude log, but I’m now working on savoring each moment, either by taking mental notes about it or taking a picture related to it or of the situation. If I’m lucky, I’ll have enough photos to make a memory book/scrapbook at the end of the year!

Get My Room Back

My room is a disaster zone. There’s no floor space or space on the bed for me to sleep. If you thought your room was bad, you probably haven’t seen mine (which isn’t shocking, since I purposely don’t show it to anyone). I want to create or ‘compose’ a new room for myself- one that’s organized and doesn’t have so much junk. This is gonna take a lot of work, and so far I’m failing to do so. That said, I haven’t given up! Part of the reason is my pain levels. Which I literally just figured out while writing this may have been my posture at the computer because I couldn’t reach my keyboard without hunching over until I adjusted my chair just now.

Social Media Consistency

So we all know it, probably- I suck at keeping to a schedule or just generally posting regularly. I intend to change that this year. Instead of doing multiple posts a week, I’ll be focusing on doing a single post each week on the blog. The same goes for my two instagram accounts and my Youtube channel as well. I will try to compose as much content as I can in advance, just to be safe. I won’t be worrying about editing my videos though. That’s for future me to decide to do.

Creativity Galore

If you haven’t seen my videos (which let’s face it, you probably haven’t) and you haven’t read my about page (which again, I’m just assuming you haven’t), you probably don’t know me well. I’m a writer and editor- emphasis on the writer part! I love writing, art, and anything else creative. My goals include to draw at least half the days in each month, work on writing that same amount, etc.. You’ll find my poetry on my writing on my writing Instagram most likely, and other snippets on here. I’ll try to put some of my drawings on my personal Instagram. For links to either of those accounts, check the Contact page. As I’d be ‘composing’ or ‘creating’ stories, art, and maybe even music, this fits swimmingly, I’d say.


My goal for this year is to enter at least six writing contests, and hopefully win at least one of them. I want to say I’ll do one each month, but some contests are harder to finish a story or poem for in general. So, I figure every other month ought to do.


My final goal is to finish at least one Coursera class each month. If you don’t know what Coursera is, it’s a learning community full of actual college classes you can take online either by paying for the course, or auditing it for free. I already finished two at the end of last year/start of this year, but I want to learn more and more- so I’m going to take as many classes as I feel I can to learn all sorts of things. I’m ‘composing’ myself to become a better being. Some of the classes I finished last year include two psychology classes and four classes for game development/design.

Now, I do have other goals for my life. I hope to visit my boyfriend for his birthday this November if the current situation doesn’t persist as badly. We have to be extra careful in my house as my father is on immune system suppressing drugs for his autoimmune disease. We have a very extensive sanitizing ritual with what’s going on in the world- one that’s honestly a pain, but worth it if it protects him. That’s why my visit is still a pending decision. It depends a lot on the state of the world closer to that point. Well, that and my finances…

Anyway, that’s all for today. Sorry for taking so much of your time! If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to hear from you. I changed the layout, so I’m hoping the comment bug is fixed… If you don’t know about it, it’s pretty simple: If it tells you the comment couldn’t go through, it secretly has. You don’t have to resend it. Also, I’m still figuring out how to make use of the email newsletter system- mostly because last time I tried, it glitched. Sorry I haven’t been emailing you, guys!

Okay, NOW it’s all for the day. Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a great day! Don’t forget: stay happy, be healthy, and don’t forget to smile (even behind a face mask)!



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