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Today’s post is going to be a bit different than usual as it won’t have that many words for you to read compared to usual. Today, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite GIFs, and why I love them. I’m going to try to do just my top five or ten, but I haven’t decided all the GIFs to go on the list yet. That said, I’ll figure it out as we go. So, shall we?

(Please note, all gifs are found on Tenor. I don’t own anything in them!)

Yuyushiki Happy GIF - Yuyushiki Happy StaryEyes GIFs

This GIF perfectly suits how I feel when I come up with a writing idea, or honestly any idea for that matter. My family has a joke that when we think, we overheat, and that causes the room to get warmer. Sometimes I say I’m sorry for almost blowing up the house. So for me, this GIF is just amazing. I will use it anytime I’m given the opportunity!

Anime Girl Eating Cake GIF - AnimeGirl EatingCake Yum GIFs

Is there a birthday today? If there is, or if I’m welcoming someone to a community, I almost always use this GIF. I just love sweets, so I’d totally do this if I could!

Anime Kawaii GIF - Anime Kawaii Animegirl GIFs

I forget what anime this is from, but I know I love using this GIF when I want to be cute while cheering someone on. I’ve found a funny version of it that talks about setting things on fire, but… Yeah, no, not my favorite.

Anime Reaction GIF - Anime Reaction Headsmack GIFs

Did I do something stupid? Did I read something stupid? I often use this one when I want to hit my head against something. It’s not the only one, mind you- but it’s one of my favorites for the task.

Hug Anime GIF - Hug Anime Sweet GIFs

I have a few favorite hug and cuddle type GIFs, but this one is special for n extra reason- it used to be an emote I could use on Discord anywhere!

Toilet Bound Hanakokun GIF - ToiletBound Hanakokun Anime GIFs

I’ve always really liked this scene, and it makes for great huggage.

Anime Hug GIF - Anime Hug Cute GIFs

Okay, I’ll stop with all the cute hugs. What else can I share? Hm…

What Day Is It Huh GIF - WhatDayIsIt Huh What GIFs

I showed you what happens when I want to hit my head against something, but what if I’m just really confused? Well, I love this one. I always see ellipses as a bad thing, but the extended one here just feels perfect.

Funny Stare GIF - Funny Stare Cute GIFs

Feeling a bit overwhelmed or disoriented? Want to smile but at the same time, feel it’s the wrong reaction? That’s usually when I turn to this clip from Gugure Kokkuri-san! Seriously, the heroine’s facial muscles amaze me.

Anime Renge GIF - Anime Renge Miyauchi GIFs

And finally, there’s this shrug. I don’t know what I like about it, honestly- I just know the way she moves her head feels a lot like the way I do. I tend to lean to one side a lot in general. In my case it’s the opposite side, but oh well.

And that’s it for today’s post! I know it’s not like my usual ones, but I wanted to try something new. I hope you guys feel a new sense of closeness to me as I explained my thoughts on each GIF. Take care!



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