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So you want to read E-Arcs?

A How to Guide to Getting Digital Advanced Reader Copies

Hi! When talking with Luna about a blog post for this week, this idea came to be, and I thought that readers of this blog could benefit from this post. I will talk about the two big sites that use Digital Advanced Reader Copies, and how to use them.

Net Galley

 The first big site to get an E–Arc is Net Galley. The first step is to go to the website, and make an account so you can browse the books. Once you’ve done this, complete your profile with genres you read, and where you will post your reviews. This is just so Net Galley can get to know you a little better.

Once you’re ready, head off to the Find Titles section of the website. From here, you will see a screen that has books that are available to Request, and books you can Read Now, meaning you don’t need to request the book. Once you find a book, click on the title, where you will find a description of the book, and above the description, there is a button called Read Now. Press this, and download the book. Requesting a book works the same way, but there is something to consider when requesting a title. Net Galley uses a ratio to say that you’ve provided Feedback. The more books you read and review, the higher your rating will be. I have reviewed three titles, and so my Feedback ratio is 30%. The website suggests a feedback ratio of 80% or above before you request a title. Once you have your title, it will download, and you’re able to read the book. Net Galley has an app called NetGalley Shelf, for those of us that read on mobile devices and tablets, and new releases will show up here if you have it, if not, you can use anything that can open the file.

Edelweiss Plus

The other site to get E-Arcs is Edelweiss Plus. Head to to make an account and fill out your profile. Once you’ve filled out your profile, and told the site more about you and your reading habits, head over to Review Copies and find your next read. This site works like NetGalley, with a Read Now and To Request section. Again, clicking on a book will bring you to a download button. Where this site is different is that there is a longer deadline to read the book. As you see with NetGalley, there’s clearly marked x days you will have the book in your library. The other part is that there is no App for this website. What I recommend is getting Adobe Digital Editions and making an account. This Is both an App, and will work on your computer. A Title will show up here once you configure everything on the site.

Steph is a book blogger who focuses on YA, Historical Fiction, and is making a foray into Middle Grade. Her blog is located at- Books & Quills Mag is an online magazine for readers of all ages. Check out the site –



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