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If you know me, you know my philosophy on gratitude: it can be a great aid in keeping your spirits up when things get rough. But sometimes, even for me, keeping a list of things I’m thankful for isn’t enough to keep me positive. A friend gave me an idea last year that I’ve been using, and it really does wonders for my optimism. She told me to keep a ‘cute folder’- a folder filled with images and gifs that I find endearing and adorable. Anytime I’m feeling particularly down, I open up that folder and look through all the cute things I’ve found online. It doesn’t have to be cute to everyone, just yourself. That said, I decided to share some of the things from my cute folder to give you some ideas.

I got a lot of these pictures from friends. Some are their pets, some are just things they found online- there’s really no limit to what you can include (though if it’s pictures of other people’s pets, I recommend asking permission before saving the image, just to be courteous). What do you think of the things in my cute folder? Would you consider them cute too? I’d love to know what would be found in your cute folder, too!



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